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Welcome: Flame Retardant Fabric
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Flame retardant polyester fabric

  • Polyester flame retardant tent fabric
Polyester flame retardant tent fabric

Polyester flame retardant tent fabric

  • Name: Polyester flame retardant tent fabric
  • Ingredients: 100% polyester fabric
  • Width: 56/58 INCH
  • Process: P/D + flame retardant + coating
  • Product description: Polyester flame retardant tent fabric
Name: Polyester Flame retardant tent fabric
Ingredients: 100% polyester fabric
Width: 56/58 INCH
Color: dark gray / Black / Pink / White / off set
Process: P/D + flame retardant + coating
Packing: plastic packing
Function and application of polyester Flame retardant fabric:
My company production of Flame retardant fabric with special production technology can effectively prevent the spread of fire, the original performance and can protect the fabric, reached the international GB8965-98 "flame retardant protective clothing", at the same time the EU "EN470, EN470-1, EN533, EN531, BS5852 and other standards, through a product EC, the United States and the United Kingdom flame retardant fabric requirements. The fabric has good washing performance, non-toxic odor free, reliable and safe to human body and breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Suitable for clothing, metallurgy, machinery, wood, fire and other industries, can also be used as decorative cloth, etc..
Polyester flame retardant fabric characteristics:
1) out of the fire, will not continue to burn;
2) the flame retardant performance is still maintained after repeated washing;
3, no toxicity, no black smoke when burning, no pungent odor, is a green environmental protection products;
4) more soft than ordinary polyester, high color fastness;
* * our products according to customer requirements of the following standards and testing requirements.
1, in line with the EU countries to limit the amount of phosphorus benzene two formic acid (phthalate) content of not more than 0.1% (1000PPM), or less than 0.05% (500PPM). (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DNOP, DIDP).
2, in line with the European directive ROHS standards. (lead Pb, cadmium Ca, mercury Hg, six valent chromium Cr+6, PBDE, PBB)
3, no barium (Ba). CADMIUM TEST (cadmium toxicity test). Does not contain AZO TEST (azo).
4, heavy metal content: EN-71 Part3, ASTM F-963, European CD standard content.
5, waterproof, high moisture (hydrophilic, microporous, wet, EN343).


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