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Welcome: Flame Retardant Fabric
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  • 400D polyester coating flame retardant fabric
400D polyester coating flame retardant fabric

400D polyester coating flame retardant fabric

  • Product description: 400D polyester coating flame retardant fabric
400D polyester coating Flame retardant fabric
Quality standard: China National Standard (GB)
Name: Oxford cloth coated with flame retardant
Ingredients and content: 100% polyester
Count: 400*400
Weight: 380 grams (g/ m)
Width: 148cm
Fabric weave: plain weave
Dyeing and finishing process: dyeing
Specific use: tent, sofa, table cloth, table cloth, cloth, umbrella, special cloth
Applicable season: spring and summer
Flower type: tie dye process
My company production of Flame retardant fabric with special production technology can effectively prevent the spread of fire, the original performance and can protect the fabric, reached the international GB8965-98 "flame retardant protective clothing", at the same time the EU "EN470, EN470-1, EN533, EN531, BS5852 and other standards, through a product EC, the United States and the United Kingdom flame retardant fabric requirements. The fabric has good washing performance, non-toxic, no odor, safe and reliable for human body, and breathable, breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Applicable to clothing, metallurgy, machinery, materials, fire and other industries, can also be used as decorative cloth.


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