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Welcome: Flame Retardant Fabric
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Advantages and uses of permanent flame retardant curtain fabric

Advantages and uses of permanent Flame retardant curtain fabric
Permanent flame retardant curtains with heat insulation and high temperature resistance fire is not burning, not dripping, spread and not curling characteristics, good isolation and prevent burning, so as to effectively control the spread of fire. In the fabric finishing processing does not add any flame retardant, non-toxic, non itchy skin, after repeated after washing can still ensure durable flame retardant insulation. Made of curtains with bright color appearance, feel comfortable, soft, strong sense of three-dimensional advantages.
The biggest difference between permanent flame retardant curtains and disposable flame-retardant curtain: when you encounter fire in finite time, permanent flame retardant curtains will not be burnt, the droplet, thereby blocking oxygen flow, isolating combustion, prevent the spread of flame effect. After the earlier popular disposable flame retardant curtains were heated, the fabrics were easy to burn or burn through with serious droplet phenomenon, and could not be washed. With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of production technology, permanent flame retardant curtain has come out, has been more and more favored by everyone.
Permanent flame retardant curtains are widely used in homes, hotels, schools (dormitories, laboratories, libraries), hospital wards, care homes, child welfare, chess room, Internet cafes, cinemas and other entertainment places populated use.


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