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Flame retardant finishing process of polyester flame retardant fabric

Intumescent Flame retardant polyester Flame retardant fabric with phosphorus and nitrogen as the main element, when heated surface can generate a uniform layer of carbon foam layer, heat, oxygen, smoke suppression, and can avoid the phenomenon of droplet, has good flame retardant properties. The results show that the polyester fiber treated with intumescent flame retardant has good flame retardant and anti dripping effect. Although intumescent flame retardants are widely used in plastics, rubber and synthetic polymers, the flame retardant finishing of polyester is less.

The Flame retardant fabric of polyester fiber mainly through the original flame retardant modification or surface modification to achieve flame retardant effect. As one of the methods of surface modification, the flame retardant finishing of fabric has the advantages of simple process and low cost. Among them, the phosphorus containing flame retardant has low toxicity and high efficiency, and is widely used in polyester fiber. Phosphorus based flame retardant is mainly through the promotion of polymer carbonization, in the condensed phase played a role in flame retardant.
The traditional intumescent flame retardant system is composed of acid source, carbon source and gas source. The first release of acid source inorganic acid phosphate, pyrophosphate with dehydration, from esterification reaction with polyol, the whole system of melting in the process of gas generation; non combustible gases and water vapor, so that the system has the expansion of melt foaming; carbon source further dehydration in the presence of dehydrating agent, generation Yuan machine and coke residue, so that the whole system of melting expansion, the formation of foam carbon layer.
Polyester flame retardant fabric has high strength, good heat resistance and chemical stability. It is widely used in home textiles and all kinds of upholstery fabrics. Therefore, it is very important to study the flame retardant technology of polyester fabric and develop the flame retardant polyester fabric.
This test uses flame retardant and can produce nitrogen containing flame retardant is gas composition expansion system, through appropriate postprocessing technique, with good flame retardant properties of polyester fabric, and the treated fabric to maintain good feeling, breaking strength decreased. 1OeiMAH


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