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Welcome: Flame Retardant Fabric
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Flame retardant polyester fiber with permanent flame retardant

The Flame retardant polyester and conductive fiber interwoven in the production of flame retardant antistatic fabric; blended interwoven with flame retardant fiber and high performance fiber, can produce high performance Flame retardant fabric; using flame retardant fiber and cotton, viscose fiber blended, to improve the protective clothing comfort, while reducing the two burn.

Flame retardant polyester with permanent flame retardant, its application prospects will be very broad. It is understood that the scope of application of flame retardant polyester is very wide, in addition to industrial textiles, building decoration, interior decoration and other traffic tools play an irreplaceable role in the field of protective clothing, also played a role of flame retardant protective clothing made of Flame retardant fabric has excellent washing performance, non-toxic to human body. Safe and reliable, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear.

Natural fiber with a healthy, comfortable and environmental protection performance, but the lack of functionality and safety, the development of new chemical fiber simulation, can achieve the natural fiber from the appearance and health, comfort, and can achieve the function, safety and environmental protection, can do seems natural, is natural. The main features of the simulation fabric are as follows:
1, fine denier, super fine denier polyester differential fiber - worsted wool like fabric, super high density fabric, waterproof, oil resistant, high performance cleaning cloth, etc..
2, the difference of nylon -- making imitation of Angola sea, imitation sheep wool woolen fabric, silk fabric simulation.
3, sea island superfine composite fiber - it is made up of the sea and the island of the composition of the composition of the two incompatible thermodynamics, the current component of the island using PET or PA, sea components using COPET, PE, PA, PS and soluble PET. At present, the production of sea island superfine fiber is mainly PET/COPET, PA/COPET and PA/PET, etc.. The production of PET/COPET filament, mainly for the production of suede fabrics, and PA/COPET or PET for short fiber synthetic leather production.
4 moisture wicking fiber (polyester) with high specific surface area, surface micro groove section has many workers, special shaped, capillary effect, fiber has wicking effect, rapid skin moisture or sweat through diffusion and transfer to the outer fiber and evaporation, suitable for sports wear. The water absorbent polyester fiber caused by textile circles in recent years, the development of new high-end products, such as: coolmaxAlta, DuPont Co, Toyobo company TRIACTOR, EKSILIVE, Kurashiki PANAPACDQV rayon, Taiwan ZTE COOLPLUS, Far East Company TOPCOOL hero TECHMOFIME. Taiwan Zhongxing textile production COOPLUS series of moisture absorption and sweat wicking polyester: moisture absorption and perspiration resistant ball, anti ultraviolet, antibacterial deodorant, different size, moisture absorption and perspiration black, double colored silk and other fibers.


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