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Koo nimo


        Daniel Amponsah (alias Koo Nimo) was born on 3rd October, 1934, at Foase, Atwima District in Ashanti Region.  His father, Opanin Kwame Amponsah, was a trumpeter and guitarist, and his mother, Akua Forkuo was singer in the local Methodist Church in the village.

        Daniel Amponsah attended Adisadel College at Cape Coast from 1947-1952 and obtained the Cambridge School Certificate.  He took a Technicians course at the Medical Research Institute, Korle Bu for one year and worked at Okomfo Anokye Hospital for five years from 1955-1960 as a technician.  He left the Ministry of Health and joined the Chemistry Department of the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in 1960.  He was sponsored by the University of Science and technology to do a Technician's course in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Paddington  Technical College as he also was attached to the Chemistry Laboratories of Imperial College in London.  Whilst in London, he took part-time course in Len William's Classic Guitar Centre in London for three years.

        He returned to Ghana, and was promoted to Senior Technician in the department of Biochemistry, University of Science and Technology in 1968.  He was again awarded study leave by the University to do further course in Laboratory Instrumentation and Management at Salford University in Manchester.  He took part-time course in Harmony and Classic guitar playing for a year at Manchester School of Music.  He returned to his post at U.S.T. in 1970 and was promoted to the post of Chief technician in 1975.  He holds a Technician's Certificate of the Institute of Science and Technology (A.I.S.T.).

        In 1957, Daniel Amponsah formed the "Koo Nimo" Entertainment Cultural Group and performed on the local and national radio.  In 1966 he formed the "Adadam Agofomma Cultural Group" with a membership of seven.  Daniel Amponsah taught brass band music in his village in conjunction with the Social Welfare department (Mass Education) from 1953-1954.  Some of his popular compositions include Odonson (Let love prevail), Akuafo monno mfuo (Farmers cultivate the land), Aburokyire abrabo (Life overseas), Mewu na agoro agu (My death would spell the doom ofmy group), Ohia ne yare ye ya (How painful it is to be poor and sickly) and Adampa/wo wu a na wadane saman (The dead becomes a ghost).

        He published his first major work "Ashanti Ballads" with Dr. J.L. Latham, a Physical Chemist at the U.S.T. in  1968.  The name "Koo Nimo" is a stage name.

        Daniel Amponsah, whose musical works have had a tremendous impact on Ghana's art and culture was honoured by the Entertainment Reviewers Association of Ghana in 1977.  Such is the two widely different personalities of Daniel Amponsah, the man whose voice is heard practically every day on the radio net-work behind the name "Koo Nimo".

        Daniel Amponsah's fame was prestige in music and entertainment has in no way been influenced by his high professional status as a technician.  The fact that his music is daily played on the radio, and also the fact that he was among the outstanding artists who were chosen to represent Ghana at the 1976 Smithsonian Music Festival in the U.S.A. should be seen entirely from the standpoint of artistic excellence.

       "Koo Nimo's" music stands out as a good example of contemporary Ghanaian folk music.  He has been able to keep up his music to modern taste without being influenced by Western musical idioms.  This could be found in his instrumentation, syncopation and voice production.

        Koo Nimo's presence on the stage is always hailed at any performance especially at the National Cultural Centre in Kumasi where he performs regularly at Anokyekrom.  This is because of his musical skill, wit, and sense of humour.  He is married with nine children and he hopes that when he retires from the University of Science and Technology he will retire to his village to help improve the living conditions of his people and artists in the country


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A Handbook For Schools and Colleges

VOL.  1

















Church Musician/ Composer/Translator   1
2.  ABANFU, KOFI Choral/Brass Band Composer Cornet 2-3
3. ABASA, AFUA Traditional   4-6
4. ADAMS, ISHMAEL Choral Conductor/Composer Voice 7-10
5. ADUONUM, KWASI Music Educator/ Ethnomusicologist/Composer/ Conductor/Critic/Author Drums/TBNE/D. Bass/ Atenteben/Piano/Accordion/ Harmonium 11-15
6. AMAKYI, KOJO BEESI Brass Band/ Composer/ Conductor/MusicTeacher Euphonium 16-18
7. AMISSAH, MICHAEL KOFI Music Teacher/Composer Piano 19-21
8. AMONOO, GEORGE HECTOR Composer/Conductor Voice 22-24
9. AMPONSAH, DANIEL (KOO-NIMO) Traditional Guitarist/Composer Guitar 25-26
10. APPIAH-AGYEKUM Guitar Band/Composer Guitar 27-30
11. AKPALU, VINOKO AKPAKPO Traditional/Choral Musician Voice 31-32
12. AKROFI, GEORGE Music Educator/Teacher Organ/Piano 33-35
13. ALLOTEY-PAPPOE JOSEPH EMM (REV Music Teacher/Church Music/ Composer Harmonium 36-37
14. AMPADU, P.S.K. Guitar Band Guitar 38-40
15. AMU, EPHRAIM (DR.) Music Educator/Composer Atenteben African Drums 41-43
16. ANING, BEN Ethnomusicologist/Teacher   49-51
17. BAIDEN, KWESI Music Teacher/Composer Piano/Accordion 47-48
18. BESSA-SIMONS Church Musician/Music Teacher Organ 49-51
19. BILSON, E.C. SNR. Church Music Organ 52-53
20. BILSON, E.C. JNR. Church Music Organ 54-55
21. BLANKSON, O.G. Church Music Organ 56-59
22. BOAMAH CROSBY YEBOAH Music Educator/Music Teacher/Conductor Piano/Organ 60-62
23. BOATENG, OTTO AMPOFO Music Teacher/Composer Choral Conductor Voice 63
24. BOATENG, GEOFFREY Music Teacher/Conductor Voice 64-66
25. DANSO, ROB. O. Church Musician/Composer Harmonium 67
26. DOKU, ADOLF Church Musician Organ 68-71
27. ENTSUA-MENSAH ALFRED Music Teacher/ Composer/Conductor Harmonium 72-74
28. ESSAH, D.R. Music Teacher/Conductor Piano 75-77
29. ESSUMAN, JOHN TEKYI Composer/Conductor Voice 78-80
30. GBEHO, PHILIP Music Teacher/ Composer/Conductor Piano/African Drums 81-82
31. GRIPMAN, TOMMY Dance Band/Composer Trombone 83-85
32. GYASI, KWAME Guitar Band/Composer Guitar 86-87
33. JOHNSON, BOB Concert Party/Comedian Voice 88-90
34. KAKAIKU, KWAKU Guitar Band/Composer Guitar 91-92
35. KING BRUCE Dance Band/Composer Saxophone 93-96
36. KORNU, ALFRED Dance Band/Composer Trumpet/Harmonium 97-98
37. KWAA-MENSAH Guitar Band/Composer Guitar 99-101
38. LAMPTEY, TEACHER Orchestra/Conductor All Brass Instruments 102-104
39. MAISON, J.S. Music Educator/Composer Piano Technician Voice 105-108
40. MANN, CHARLES Composer Guitar 109-111
41. MENSAH, ATTA-ANNAN (PROF.) Music Teacher/ Ethnomusicologist/Conductor/ Author Piano 112
42. MENSAH, PERCY (PROF.) Music Teacher/Composer Piano 113-114
43. MENSAH, E.T. Dance Band/Composer Trumpet/Saxophone 115-118
44. NDO, ROBERT Composer/Teacher   119
45. NAYO, NICHOLAS Music Teacher/ Ethnomusicologist/Composer/ Conductor   120-121
46. NKETIA, JOSEPH HANSON K. (PROF.) Musicologist/Music Teacher/ Composer/Author/Critic Piano 122-123
47. NYAME EMMANUEL Guitar Band/Composer Guitar 124-126
48. NZEH, D.F. Church Musician/Composer Organ 127-128
49. OFFEI, WILLIAM EMMANUEL Composer Harmonium 129
50. OKAI, KWABENA Guitar Band/Composer Voice 130-131
51. ONYINA, KWABENA Guitar Band/Composer Guitar 132-135
52. ONWONA-SAFO  FELIX Composer/Music Educator Voice 136-137
53. OTSABAH, ALFRED Brass Band/Composer/ Conductor All Brass Instruments 138-139
54. QUANSAH, A.E. Music Educator Organ 140-143
55. RIVERSON, ISAAC DANIEL Music Teacher/Composer   144
56. SAKA-ACQUAYE Dance Band/Composer Saxophone 145-148
57. TWEREFOO, GUSTAV OWARE Music Educator Piano 149-150
58. TURKSON, A.A.R. Ethom./Theorist/Composer Voice 151
59. WILSON, C.B. Music Teacher/ Composer/Conductor Harmonium/Viola 152-154
60. YARNEY, SAM. Composer   155-156